Tales from a New Mom | The Story of … Maureen and Lexi

                                          MAUREEN WAITITU

A Nairobi based Commercial Model, Legal Trainee, Owner of Life and Mau Hair and one half of AlphaBeta shares her story on being mom to Lexi…

Lexi at 11 months and Maureen

Q. I’m mom to…

One 2-year-old boy , Tau Alexander Kiarie.

Q. We call him …

Lexi or Papito.

Q. How we picked baby’s name…

His dad and I wanted a unique and catchy name that would at the same time look good on his CV. That’s how we ended up with Tau Alexander (Tau is an African name meaning Lion – he’s a real lion cub haha) and (Alexander – which we both agreed to be a very nice name meaning Defender of men).

Maureen, Lexi and Frankie

Q. It used to drive me mad when people said…

That I would blow up the minute I got to the sixth month of my pregnancy.


Q. The most memorable present I received was ….

A surprise baby shower from my lovely girlfriends. It’s the love and the thought that stood out the most for me. When bringing  a new baby into the world, a good support system is mostly what one needs.

Q. My hospital bag contained…

A lot of baby clothes, diapers, baby blankets, breastfeeding pillow ( very helpful because Lexi was very tiny), cotton wool, baby oil, breast pump, storage and feeding bottles, personal hygiene effects and next to the hospital bag was the car seat to take baby home with.

Q. I couldn’t have survived the first few months of the pregnancy without…

Sleep. Goodness! I was always sleepy especially in the mid-morning hours.

Q. I wish I’d known that…

Every pregnancy is unique to every mom and that I’d stare at my baby endlessly wondering what I did to deserve becoming his mama.


There is no perfection in motherhood. Just do your best. Take plenty of rest and say yes to help… allow trustworthy members of the family and friends to help you with the baby.

Q. My pregnancy was…

Thankfully very easy!  I was very energetic throughout my pregnancy, no morning sickness, I was able to control my cravings and luckily I had no complications and I was able to get my post-pregnancy body back much easier that I had first thought.

Q. In hindsight I wish …

That I did not worry so much about delivery. It was not easy but somehow, I had to remind myself that so many other moms have pulled through it, and so why not you and I?

Q. Being a mom is…

Wonderful, scary, messy, a calling… all in all totally worth it!


Q. I’d like my baby to know …

That he has brought immense joy into my life and I have wonderful plans for him.

Q. The best advice I received was …

That I should pay very little attention to those who give unsolicited and mostly very negative advise about delivery and motherhood.

Q. One of the old wives tales I was told during my pregnancy was…

That I am carrying a boy hence my low tummy and glowing skin. It turned out to be true!

Photography by Buoart

Q. What they don’t tell you is …

That sometimes (more like often) you may question whether you are a good mum or not.  But the minute I look at my little boy and see how healthy, carefree, active, clever and disciplined he is I realize that I have been a good mom to him and all my doubts are put to rest.

Q. How I spend my “free time” …

I lock myself in the bathroom if I am at home , at other times I unwind with one of my close friends who is also a mom over a glass of wine or take a walk in Karura forest, which I find really relaxes me.

Q. The cutest thing my baby does …

I like how he climbs on anything to get to wherever I am and then he hangs onto my back like a little monkey… it’s our unique way of bonding.

I also find it so cute how he does this thing with his legs when he sits!

Lexi at 11 months

He does this random squueeeee and gaggly sounds that resemble some words we often use in the house and his fits of laughter whenever I repeat doing something funny to him.

They are countless and absolutely priceless!

Q. They should’ve warned me that…

Motherhood needs a lot of sacrifice and that your baby absorbs your energy. So it is important to keep staying positive always and to also bury your face in the pillow and cry whenever you feel overwhelmed.

Q. The most important lesson that I’ve learnt is…

To take one day at a time and not to be hard on myself.


Q. I’ve come to realize that …

Every baby is different. As a mother, just bring up your baby your way, but if you can, always have a trustworthy and more experienced mom or a friend on your speed dial.

Q. My advice for future moms ?

There is no a perfect mummy or a perfect baby. Always always trust your gut instinct.


Share your story with us… fill in the details below and we will get back to you.


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